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Transport in Dubai

Everything about transportation in Dubai

Dubai has various means to move around within the city. This way you have the driverless metro. But there are also numerous taxis and other means of transport!

Learn all about getting from point A to B in Dubai.

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Transport in Dubai, all you need to know

Dubai has a wide range of public transport. The greatest pride is the longest metro network in the world without a driver. But with the metro you can sometimes not get within walking distance of your destination. This problem is solved by the thousands of taxis that drive around.

If you want to visit the Atlantis hotel at the top of Palm Jumeirah, you can use the Mono Rail that runs from the coast to the crown of the island. You also have the Dubai Tram that lets you cross the entire Dubai Marina.

But there are still several ways to get around in Dubai. For example over the water with the traditional Abra boat.

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