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What do you need to know about Dubai?

In this section you will learn about all practical information you need to know for a visit to Dubai.

Where is Dubai located, what’s the currency, when are the best times to visit Dubai,… These are just a few of the many questions we answer for you. You are at the right spot to travel to Dubai – carefree and prepared!

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Everything you need to know about Dubai at one central point

Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates and nowadays is one of the top destinations in the Middle East. With the organization of the 35th World Expo, the emirate will even belong to a world-class city on a global level.

If you are interested in visiting Dubai, it is wise to be well prepared. For example, there are some rules that differ from the Western world. Here you will find out perfectly what those rules are and what type of visa you need, for example.

In short, to go to Dubai carefree and prepared for a holiday, you are in the right place.

About Dubai

About Dubai

In this article we describe how Dubai has grown from a small oil emirate to a world-famous city of the future.

Thanks to the immense infrastructure, Dubai is one of the best destinations for an active city trip or a lazy holiday. In short, all general information about Dubai.

Visa for Dubai


In this article you can find everything whether or not you need a visa to visit Dubai, regardless of your nationality.

Attention! Don’t be fooled by some sites that want to sell you a visa unnecessarily! The rules regularly dare to change, so we check them every month at the official UAE site.

Weather and climate in Dubai

Weather and climate

There is a tropical climate in Dubai, so it can get very hot.

On this page you will learn everything about the weather and climate in Dubai, but also when it’s the best time to visit Dubai.

Money and currency in Dubai

Money and currency

Here you can learn everything about the currency of Dubai. Also the best way to change money and especially where you can do it most cheaply.

We also go over where you can pay anywhere with a credit card. With this article you save worries and money.

Customs Dubai


Are customs strict in Dubai? What can you bring to Dubai? How much cash can I take with me?

What is and is not allowed when you go on holiday to Dubai?

Get an answer to all Dubai customs questions.

Laws and Rules in Dubai

Laws and rules

Dubai and the other UAE Emirates are known to have some unusual rules, laws and regulations.

If you are going to Dubai soon, be sure to read this article so that you will not be faced with any surprises.

Security in Dubai

Security and crime

Is Dubai a safe destination? What crime do you encounter? What is the chance of a terrorist attack?

All questions about security and crime in Dubai are addressed here.

Smoking & vaping in Dubai

Smoking and vaping

Where can you smoke anywhere in Dubai and is the use of vapers allowed? How to take vapers on the plane?

All info about smoking in Dubai.

History of Dubai

History and religion

What is Dubai’s history?

Everything you need to know about Dubai at one central point
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